Pueblito Viejo was envisioned by its owner Gonzalo Rodriguez throughout his adolescence. His ancestors, Colombian roots, and a collection of International music his mother left behind inspired Pueblito Viejo.

“Pueblito de mis cuitas, de casas pequeñitas por tus calles tranquilas corrio mi juventud”  

is the line from the Colombian folk song that inspired the name. On October 27th, 1994 Pueblito Viejo was inaugurated in Chicago, Illinois with a capacity of 120 people. It opened its doors to a bustling full house and an awaiting crowd. The success in Chicago Illinois prompted the opening of the follow-up restaurant in Miami, Florida nine years later. 

On January 27th, 2003 Pueblito Viejo, Miami, opened its doors with a capacity of 230 people. Both Miami and Chicago have welcomed Pueblito Viejo warmly, allowing Pueblito Viejo to proudly serve 75,000 people in its first year, giving it’s guest a taste of what beautiful Colombia is like. In the city of Miami Pueblito Viejo is the only family-friendly restaurant with authentic Colombian food, international music, a full-service bar, and live entertainment on weekends. 


5429 North Lincoln Avenue Chicago, IL 60625

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