We have honed our cooking skills to create a unique concept that will change the way you think about tortas. 

This includes a variety of tortas containing a plethora of “guisados” (Mexican dishes), unique salsas combinations, and toppings. But that’s not all– How about a variety of the most traditional types of bread from Mexico?

Options for the Mexican roll of your choice include telera buns, bolillos, cemitas, pambazos, and many others.

Yet these are just some of the ingredients we include to bring you the most authentic torta, all as part of our effort to bring Chicagoland the exact flavors you would find in the heart of Distrito Federal in Mexico City.

All the fillings are high quality, locally sourced, and packed with flavor. They include cochinita pibil, (slow-cooked pork), chicken, and our unbeatable TEQUILA LIME CARNE ASADA!

We have also not forgotten about our vegan and vegetarian friends! Our menu features chilaquiles, nopales (cactus) milanesa, and poblano, and corn stew that gives our plant-based community a variety of delicious options.


205 W. Wacker Drive

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