1492 was the year that two completely different cultures collided — Christopher Columbus came to the New World, our America. Cuba was one of the islands that the admiral visited during his first voyage. So much of our history was shaped by this event.

For Cuba, the Spaniards brought in African men and women as slaves. The native Indians of Cuba were eliminated and with them, most of their culture.

However, not all was lost. The mixture of African, Indian and Spanish contributions left behind a legacy that shaped much of what Latin food is today.

Our food is the fusion of Spanish and African cuisine. When you taste our food, you will travel through the blend of cultures, experience unique flavors and enjoy a completely new experience. 1492 CUBAN FUSION CAFÉ conveys history, tradition, authentic Cuban food and innovative contributions of the new Latin cuisine.

Taste the Cuban flair, ¡te invitamos!


2615 W North Ave, Chicago IL

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