Welcome to Our Table... Where Everybody has a Plate!

Welcome to Our Table... Where Everybody has a Plate!

Food Critic for a Day – Join this Fall 2021

Food Critic for a Day – Join this Fall 2021

A food critic, also often referred to as a food writer is a professional writer who samples and reviews food. Food critics typically order a variety of dishes and write about their experiences. Newspapers, magazines, blogs, and websites may all hire food critics.

A food critic takes great pleasure in tasting and analyzing a wide variety of food, and also loves to share their experience with the public by writing about it.

Nowadays, thanks to our virtual world we have an “extension” of what a food critic does with all the “foodies” on all social media platforms and some with their own blogs.

Well, If you love all types of food and cuisine, and enjoy telling your friends about it, you may want to look at being a FOOD CRITIC FOR A DAY with SABOR Chicago!

This is how it works:

  1.  Every other Saturday throughout the Fall and Winter of 2021,  SABOR Chicago staff will select from our followers, readers, and curious readers; 2 lovers of Latin American Cuisine to join us to visit one of the restaurants listed in our directory.
  2. Our sponsors will pay for your meal and for someone you select to come with you along with 2 drinks of your choice.
  3. After we enjoy a nice evening of wonderful (or not so…) we will ask you to give us your honest and straightforward opinion about: Food, Atmosphere, and the Service you (and us) received from the location we visited.  This will be videotaped for our followers to watch.

The restaurant we will be visiting will not know about our visit until we have done our review and publish it within our site and social platform.


Rules of participation

  • You must be 21 years or older
  • You must provide your own transportation to get to the venue. If for any reason, you are selected to participate and can’t make it to the venues due to distance, you must relinquish the opportunity to another participant.
  • Please fill in the form below with your: FULL NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, LOCATION (Town or Suburb you live in) and YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER.

Incomplete Submissions will be ignored.

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