Welcome to Our Table... Where Everybody has a Plate!

Welcome to Our Table... Where Everybody has a Plate!

Chicago’s Churrasquerias – Brazilian Steak Houses

Chicago’s Churrasquerias – Brazilian Steak Houses

In Brazil, churrasco is the term for a barbecue (similar to the Argentine, Uruguayan, Paraguayan and Chilean asado) which originated in southern Brazil. It uses a variety of meats, pork, sausage and chicken which may be cooked on a purpose-built “churrasqueira”, a barbecue grill, often with supports for spits or skewers.

Portable “churrasqueiras” are similar to those used to prepare the Argentine, Chilean, Paraguayan and Uruguayan Asado, with a grill support, but many Brazilian “churrasqueiras” do not have grills, only the skewers above the embers. The meat may alternatively be cooked on large metal or wood skewers resting on a support or stuck into the ground and roasted with the embers of charcoal (wood may also be used, especially in the State of Rio Grande do Sul). **


A city like Chicago couldn’t be a metropolitan city if we didn’t have some of the best churrascarias as part of our traditional Latin American Cuisines, so we happen to be just steps away from 3 of the few that exist in Chicago. We have our comments and reviews but we would love to hear more from you so please comments on the space below and let us know which one is your favorite.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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  1. Alberto Rodriguez

    Love this article. Thank you for putting it together. I have been at these places twice and it is mostly for anniversaries or a big celebration cause of the price (don’t take me wrong, every penny is worthy) but I didn’t know it was called Churrasco. Very informative.


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