When thinking of a sandwich, or what makes a good sandwich, the type and quality of the bread are of indisputable importance. In the case of Cemitas Puebla, a family owned restaurant specializing in traditional Poblano foods, the distinctive sesame covered rolls are baked on site each day, using a recipe that can be traced back to Tony Anteliz’s family in Puebla, Mexico.


When many people think of Mexican sandwiches, tortas are probably what they think of. (That is if they’re not thinking of tacos, burritos, etc., as sandwiches, an ongoing discussion I won’t revisit here.) Tortas do seem to be the most common example found outside of Mexico, or inside Mexico for that matter. Unless you’re lucky enough to live in Puebla; or somewhere with a higher-than-usual proportion of Pueblan immigrants; or unless you live in Chicago, where Tony Anteliz, proprietor of Chicago’s Cemitas Puebla (formerly Taqueria Puebla) has been the face of Cemitas in Chicago since his original Humboldt Park location at North & Monticello started getting noticed by foodies about a dozen years ago.


Chicago, United States

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